1 year (Full-time)
2 years (Part-time)

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

GBP 17,000



We teach you how to:

  • Apply Psychology and AI principles.
  • Enrich the design of AI solutions through good practice UX.
  • Use Data, AI and Applied Psychology to inform the design of prototypes.

Using data and AI to acquire deeper insights into human behaviour and psychology, you’ll also focus on the ethical responsibilities of developing AI applications.

This Applied Artificial Intelligence and User Experience degree at Abertay University has a practical focus, and features projects and group work as well as work placements where possible.

Learning and assessment by theme

  • AI and UX: Strongly practice-based, making use of assessment by project and professional discussions.
  • Data science: Lab-based practicals and workplace simulation group project.
  • Psychology modules: Assessed through project-based work, with emphasis on research design and analyses.
  • Lectures may be used to present key concepts, theories and techniques. Tutorials and laboratory-based activities increase your understanding of the subject and develop your competence and confidence in technological and theoretical work.
  • Throughout your course, you’ll be required to actively participate in group work, discussions, seminars, and private study.

Courses Included

  • User Experience Research
  • Human Psychology: In what ways are we all the same
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Applied Analytics Case Studies
  • Human Psychology: Why are we different

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